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 This is your web site!

This site is a free resource to keep hams informed of events around Colorado.

Listings include:

  • hamfests and other events of interest to amateur radio operators
  • events that need volunteer amateur radio operators
  • nets in the Metro Denver area
  • aviation events
  • announcements
  • and more.

If you have a suggestion on information to include on these pages, please Contact Us.

Your input is needed - if you know of something that should be listed here, just let us know!

To list an event at no cost, or to add or change information, just e-mail complete information to: update @ CQcolorado.ORG, or click on Contact Us. We'll be happy to share your information.



This is the place to check for Colorado ham information. Just click below or on the left.

The latest information on radio-related events will be listed on Ham Events.
If you are interested in volunteering your ham radio skills at a public event, check out Volunteers needed.
You can add an event, or update any listing by e-mailing.
A list of metro-area and statewide nets is available.
Aviation event information is available.

If you have any comments, or suggestions to improve this site, please let us know. We'll be glad to hear from you.
Please check back frequently for updated events and volunteer opportunities.


MORE GOOD (and free) INFO:

Need a list of Colorado ham radio and GMRS repeaters? One is available free on the Artsci web page. They also publish a U.S. repeater map book, which is very convenient. This map book is usually available at Ham Radio Outlet, 303 745-7373.



For free scanner manuals and the latest scanning and programming information, go to Denver Radio.



To print a very nice, free certificate with your name, license class, callsign, and licensing data, go to Radio QTH.




To print a free copy of your ham license, based on the latest FCC database information, go to Dean Gibson's License Generator



How about a site that has all the old Radio Shack catalogs? Remember when they had actual catalogs? has company history, logos, catalogs you can page through, and much more!



To find current Radio Shack stores, go to the Radio Shack website.

Want to recycle your old electronics for free?

Best Buy has a free recycling program, no matter where you bought it! Click on the link to get more information.


Also see the RECYCLING PAGE on this website.



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